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Taiyuan Wuxu International Airport (IATA: TYNICAO: ZBYN) is an airport serving Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, China. It is the largest airport in Shanxi and is located about 15 kilometers (about 9.3 miles) southeast of downtown Taiyuan.
Built in 1939, it has evolved into one of the busiest and most important airport of Shanxi Province with connection to most major cities within China. Since March 2006, the airport has undergone an expansion phase with a new Terminal at a cost of CNY 1.57 billion and is capable of serving 6 million passengers a year. Construction was completed in late 2007. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it served as a supplementary airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.
The airport is a focus city for both China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines. As for 2015, Taiyuan Wuxu International Airport was the 28th busiest airport in the People’s Republic of China with 8,842,987 passengers.
太原武宿国际机场(IATA:TYN,ICAO:ZBYN)是中国山西省省会太原市的一个机场。 它是山西最大的机场,位于太原市中心东南约15公里(约9.3英里)处。建于1939年,已发展成为山西省最繁忙,最重要的机场之一,连接中国大部分主要城市。 自2006年3月以来,该机场已经经历了一个扩建阶段,新航站楼耗资15.7亿元人民币,每年可以为600万人次提供服务。 建设工程于2007年底竣工。2008年北京奥运期间,作为北京首都国际机场的补充机场。机场是中国东方航空公司和海南航空公司的重点城市。 截至二零一五年,太原武宿国际机场为中华人民共和国第二十八个最繁忙的机场,载客量为八十八万四千二百九十八人。