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Description of the Company:
As a production, domestic distribution and foreign film sales licensing company, Echelon Studios handles multiple facets of the entertainment industry.
Echelon Studios catalog contains more than 5,000 first run titles and 15,000 classical film titles as well as 30,000 music titles with top artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Madonna and Amy Winehouse, encompassing a wide variety of genres comprised of action, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, family, horror, music, religious, thriller, westerns and TV Series. Echelon Studios continues to expand its impressive catalog through the acquisition of a comprehensive body of films including independent feature films, documentaries and shorts. Through its experienced sales team and by its attendance at over 20 domestic and international film markets and trade shows, Echelon Studios distributes its acquired films to both domestic and international buyers.
In combination with the acquisition and distribution of these films, Echelon Studios theatrically releases films in select cities throughout the United States. Echelon Studios recent theatrical successes include the charming family comedy “Our Italian Husband” starring Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Brooke Shields and Chevy Chase; the drama “Wake” starring “Queer as Folk’s” Gale Harold and featuring screen legend Martin Landau; and the romantic comedy “Fish Without a Bicycle” starring “Freddie” and “Beverly Hills 90210” star Brian A. Green.  Echelon Studios also produced the Lionsgate film “Wisegirls” with Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino as well as “Maniacs” with Jeff Fahey and Kelly Waymire.
Echelon Studios looks to begin production again on its own films in the near future for theatrical release, as well as for Television, DVD and VOD Online Streaming.  Uniting their sizable experience in the entertainment industry in development, writing, producing and directing as well as expertise in “hands-on” production,  distribution and marketing, Echelon Studios proudly continues to expand its film and digital ventures.
Echelon Studios is one of the leading distributors of indpendent programming to Pay-Per-View (PPV), Pay Cable and Basic Cable systems worldwide. Echelon Studios currently represents over 300 production and releasing companies, and is active in placing their product in the domestic and international DVD, VOD, Pay-Per-View, Pay Cable, Basic Cable, Free TV, Hotel Lodging, Airline and ancillary markets.
Echelon Studios strength in the Pay-Per-View market is extraordinary.  It is our view that consumers are finding PPV and VOD (Video on Demand) to be a convenient, cost-effective way to get the programming they want immediately. We wish to assist our programming partners with “user friendly content exploitation”.  Our intention is to deliver as much of a diverse mixture of programming that is available.  With over 100 million subscribers already using PPV, the market is only going to grow with new DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite), DTH (Direct to Home) and digital delivery technological systems recently launched nationwide and in some foreign territories.
Echelon Studios has placed titles with every domestic broadcast system including HBO, Starz/Encore, Showtime Networks, Lifetime Television, USA Networks, InDemand/Comcast, TVN, Action Pay-Per-View, Cablevision, Hallmark Channel, AOL/Time-Warner Cable and Paragon Cable, in addition to newer digital satellite systems such as The D.I.S.H. Cable Network and DirecTV.  Echelon Studios also supplies independent product to all of the major hotel programmers including Spectra-Vision, On Command, MegiNet, SVI and LodgeNet.
Contact Info:
Echelon Studios, Inc.
19C Trolley Square
Wilmington, DE 19806 USA
Tel: (800) 208-9052
Email: [email protected]
结合这些影片的收购和发行,埃施朗影城在美国的部分城市发行影片。埃施朗工作室最近的戏剧成功包括由Maria Grazia Cucinotta,Brooke Shields和Chevy Chase主演的迷人的家庭喜剧“Our Italian Husband” “唤醒”主演“酷儿为民”的大风哈罗德和屏幕传奇马丁·兰道;和“Freddie”和“Beverly Hills 90210”主演Brian A. Green主演的浪漫喜剧“没有自行车的鱼”。埃施朗影城还与Mariah Carey和Mira Sorvino一起制作了Lionsgate电影“Wisegirls”,以及与Jeff Fahey和Kelly Waymire合作的“Maniacs”。
埃施朗工作室看起来在不久的将来将自己的电影再次开始制作,用于电影,DVD和VOD在线数据流。 Echelon Studios在娱乐行业的发展,写作,制作和指导以及“实际操作”制作,发行和市场营销方面的专业经验结合起来,自豪地继续扩大其电影和数字事业。
埃施朗工作室(Echelon Studios)是全球范围内按付费观看(PPV),支付电缆和基本电缆系统的独立编程的主要分销商之一。埃施朗工作室目前代表着300多家生产和发行公司,并积极将其产品置于国内和国际的DVD,VOD,按次付费,支付电缆,有线电视,免费电视,酒店住宿,航空公司和配套市场。
埃施朗工作室已经与包括HBO,Starz / Encore,Showtime Networks,终身电视,美国网络,InDemand / Comcast,TVN,行动付费观看,Cablevision,Hallmark频道,美国在线/时代华纳有线电视和Paragon Cable,以及像DISH这样的新型数字卫星系统有线网络和DirecTV。埃施朗工作室还为所有主要酒店程序员提供独立产品,包括Spectra-Vision,On Command,MegiNet,SVI和LodgeNet。
Wilmington,DE 19806 USA
电子邮件:[email protected]