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The Grand Metropark Wanshi Hotel is the Official Sponsor of The 1st Annual Taiyuan International Film & Television Festival.  It is a 5 Star hotel and is providing additional discounts for all participants.  Please contact us for details.

万狮京华大酒店是第一届太原国际电影节的正式赞助商。 这是一家五星级酒店,为所有参与者提供额外的折扣。 请联系我们。

There are also hundreds of additional hotels available near the film festival location.  Below are just a few selections.

电影节地点附近还有数百家附近的酒店可供选择。 以下只是几个选择。

Taiyuan 1 25 — 1 29
Taiyuan 1 25 — 1 29(4)
Taiyuan 1 25 — 1 29(3)
Taiyuan 1 25 — 1 29(1)