Build your base

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Marketing and Promotional Tasks:
a. One Sheet:
         Obtain all slides, artwork, still photos, etc., from the producer or from a photo shoot and prepare a creative one sheet/poster based on all available materials.
b. Press Packet:
         Prepare a folder with one sheet, photos, reviews, press notices and schedule of screenings.
c. Trailer:
         Create a powerful trailer with sound effects, music and voice-overs.
d. Sales:
         E-mail/or mail a CD of our catalogue of films to our data bank of buyers (currently over 60,000 individuals/companies), advising them of the availability of titles and schedule meetings in our suite at the Film/TV markets. Prepare producer pre-sale packages for upcoming film projects.
At The Markets: Contact, promote and sign deal memos! NATPE, BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL, FILMART, MIPTV, NAB (Las Vegas), CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, LA SCREENINGS, Hungary’s DISCOP, Ukrainian Content Market (Kiev), BUSON International Film Market (Korea), MIPCOM, AFM, DISCOP Africa (in South Africa), Singapore’s ATF FILM FORUM. Place advertising in trade magazines such as InMag, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen International and The Business of Film. Prominently display large posters and “One Sheets” for each film.  At Cannes, Echelon Studios rented 3 spot vision video billboards to run trailers of its films and threw a party in the buyer’s lounge, as well as on a yacht. Schedule screenings of Echelon Studios films for buyers.
Post-Market: After a major market, timely follow-up is the focus of Echelon Studios telephone, fax and e-mail; contact buyers/producers/investors who were seen and those who were not; and send producer packages, scripts and DVD’s of its films. All contracts are executed in a timely manner for all deal memos signed during the markets. In-between markets, Echelon Studios promotes its films in some of the following festivals, where appropriate: Montreal, Breckenridge, Toronto, Sundance, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Hampton, Telluride, New York, London, Shanghai, Berlin, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Vancouver, Worldfest, among others. Continuous promotion and presence is an absolute: telephone calls, e-mails, faxes, press releases e-mailed weekly to over 60,000 buyers and shipping of DVD’s, marketing materials and producer packages/scripts to potential investors/buyers.
Why should you even be thinking of Google AdWords? Because, simply, it’s the most economical, the most efficient, and the most effective way to promote your film. It’s why so many newspapers and magazines are fighting to stay alive. It’s why the Google stock is in such demand by institutional investors.
With the Google AdWords’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program, you only pay if a visitor clicks your ad. You set the amount you want to charge for each click and the maximum you want to spend per month. You can cancel anytime without penalty.
Our ECHELON STUDIOS DISTRIBUTION program includes assistance in setting up an effective Google advertising campaign for your film.
Perhaps the rule most frequently violated by independent filmmakers is the 50/50 Rule. It states, in the clearest terms, that 50% of your budget should be allocated to making your film and 50% to marketing your film.
I’ve heard it so often in my years in the film business: After completing the film, often an exceptionally good film, the filmmaker moans, “I’ve run out of money. I’m broke. Please help!”
It’s understandable that filmmakers (especially beginners) don’t like to be bothered marketing a film. After all, they’re filmmakers, not sales people. They’d like someone else to do this painstaking job for them. But they soon find out that this can cost them as much (if not more) than making the film.
Success in film distribution requires the services of a well-connected publicist. Case closed.
Check the program guides of the major film festivals like Sundance, Toronto, and Tribeca. You’ll see that every film page lists a “Press Contact.” These filmmakers hire publicists to contact the major film critics, set up interviews, write and transmit press releases, compile and distribute production notes, pitch the film to special interest groups and organizations, and to do a lot of schmoozing. Admit it—these are not the kind of jobs you want to do.
And yet, many filmmakers resist hiring a publicist. The reason is always the same: they are simply too expensive. Call a New York or LA publicist and get a quote. Be sure to have smelling salts handy.
在市场上:联系,推广和签署交易备忘录! NATPE,柏林电影节,FILMART,MIPTV,NAB(拉斯维加斯),戛纳电影节,LA SCREENINGS,匈牙利DISCOP,乌克兰内容市场(基辅),BUSON国际电影市场(韩国),MIPCOM,AFM,DISCOP非洲非洲),新加坡的ATF电影论坛。将广告刊登在InMag,好莱坞记者,综艺节目,国际银幕和电影商业等行业杂志上。突出显示大型海报和每张电影“一张”。在戛纳电影节上,埃施朗工作室(Echelon Studios)租借了3个视频广告牌,用来拍摄电影的拖车,并在买方休息室和游艇上举办派对。安排Echelon Studios电影放映给买家。
后市场:经过一个大的市场,及时跟进是埃施朗影城电话,传真和电子邮件的重点;联系买家/生产者/投资者谁被看到和没有;并发送电影的制作包,脚本和DVD。所有合同都会及时执行,以便在市场上签署所有交易备忘录。蒙特利尔,布雷肯里奇,多伦多,圣丹斯,好莱坞,洛杉矶,棕榈泉,汉普顿,特柳赖德,纽约,伦敦,上海,柏林,迈阿密等地,Echelon Studios在以下一些节日推广其电影。 ,劳德代尔堡,温哥华,Worldfest等等。持续的推广和展示是绝对的:每周向超过6万名买家发送电话,电子邮件,传真和新闻稿,并向潜在投资者/买家发送DVD,营销材料和制作包/脚本。
为什么你甚至应该考虑Google AdWords?因为,简单地说,这是推广你的电影最经济,最有效,最有效的方法。这就是为什么这么多的报纸和杂志都在为保持活力而战。这就是为什么谷歌股票是这样的机构投资者的需求。
借助Google AdWords的按次点击付费(PPC)计划,您只需支付访问者点击您的广告的费用。您可以设置每次点击费用的金额以及每月需要支付的最高金额。您可以随时取消而不受罚。
我们的ECHELON STUDIOS DISTRIBUTION计划包括帮助您为您的电影建立有效的Google广告系列。
检查圣丹斯,多伦多和翠贝卡等主要电影节的节目指南。你会看到每个电影页面都列出了一个“新闻联系人”。这些电影制片人聘请公关人士联系主要影评人,采访,撰写和传播新闻稿,编辑和发行制作笔记,将影片推介给特殊的利益团体和组织,并做了很多的表演。承认 – 这不是你想做的工作。