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Taiyuan Food – What and Where to eat in Taiyuan

太原食品 – 在太原吃什么和吃什么

It is always said that the essence of wheaten food across the world is in China, and the essence of wheaten food across China is in Shanxi. Taiyuan wheaten food is the most famous one in Shanxi, with various kinds, long history and respective cooking methods. Sliced noodles, pulled noodles, Mao Erduo, Bo Yu, Jiu Pian and many other types of wheaten food are all available in Taiyuan’s local restaurants. The main cooking methods include steaming, boiling, roasting, baking and frying.
Besides the wheaten food, Taiyuan also possesses many kinds of dishes. The food here is mainly salty with a little sour and sweet. The cooking methods include deep-frying, stir-frying, quick-frying, grilling and braising.
人们一直认为,全球面食的本质就是在中国,面食的本质在山西。 太原面食是山西最着名的食品,种类繁多,历史悠久,各有各的烹饪方法。 太原当地的餐馆都提供切面,拉面,毛尔多,博玉,九片等各式面食。 主要的烹饪方法包括蒸,煮,烤,烤和油炸。
除了面食外,太原还有很多种类的菜肴。 这里的食物主要是咸味,有点酸甜。 烹饪方法包括油炸,炒菜,速煎,烧烤和焖制。


Quan Jin Hui Guan Restaurant
It’s your first choice to experience Shanxi culture, not only Jin cuisine, but also the cultural atmosphere. The whole restaurant is well decorated with Shanxi characters. The first floor is museum-style, showing some traditional handicrafts and historical exhibitions. On the second floor, there are many compartments, and each compartment has a Chinese-style book shelf with sorts of archaized books. Besides, you will appreciate Jin opera and shadow figures performances. Everywhere in this restaurant embodies dense Shanxi flavor. The food, the atmosphere, and the service all satisfy every consumer coming there.
Cuisine: Jin cuisine
Opening Times: 10:00 – 21:30
Address: No.12, Wucheng Rd, Xiao Dian District
Phone: 0351-7650800 7650888
这是您体验山西文化的首选,不仅是晋菜,还有文化氛围。 整个餐厅装饰得很好,山西人物。 一楼是博物馆式的,展示了一些传统手工艺品和历史展览。 二楼有很多隔间,每个隔间都有一个中式书架,上面有各种仿古书。 此外,您还将欣赏靳戏和影子表演。 这家餐厅的每一处都体现着浓郁的山西味道。 食物,气氛和服务都满足了每一位消费者。
电话:0351-7650800 7650888

Jin Yun Lou Restaurant
Green brick paths, red Chinese lanterns and old rhyme decoration make the restaurant peaceful and graceful. Each floor is in different style, but all fully embodies Shanxi culture. The outside walls of the restaurant are decorated as an old Shanxi yard. When sitting in the compartment, guests seem dating back to the peak period of Jin business. What’s more, the performance of making wheaten food must leave you a deep impression. Many celebrities have been to this restaurant, and the photos are hanging on the wall to show its glorious fame.
Cuisine: Jin cuisine
Opening Times: 9:00 – 21:00
No.188, West Tiyu Rd, Xiao Dian District
Phone: 0351 – 7229666
绿色的砖路,红色的中国灯笼和古韵装饰,使餐厅和平优雅。 每一层都有不同的风格,但都充分体现了山西文化。 餐厅的外墙装饰成一座古老的山西院子。 坐在车厢里,客人似乎可以追溯到晋商的高峰期。 而且,制作面食的表现必将给你留下深刻的印象。 许多名人曾到过这家餐厅,照片挂在墙上,以显示其光荣的名声
电话:0351 – 7229666

Fu Rong Restaurant
It is one of the most popular local restaurants among Taiyuan people, and it has about 10 branches around the city. The restaurant is featured by Jin cuisine at low prices. When it comes to the dining time, the restaurant is always filled with local people. Students, families and friends like to gather there with leisure atmosphere. The most special part is its menu design. You can order according to the pictures on the menu.
Chinese Pinyin: Fu Rong Jiu Jia
Cuisine: Jin cuisine
Opening Times: 9:30 – 21:30
Fu Rong Restaurant – Ping Yang Branch
Address: No.155, Ping Yang Rd, Xiao Dian District
Phone: 0351 – 7330988 7339958
Fu Rong Restaurant – Jian Nan Branch
Address: No.318 South Jianshe Rd, Ying Ze District
Phone: 0351 – 4293018
Fu Rong Restaurant – Xing Hua Branch
Address: No.188, Xing Hua Jie Rd, Wan Bo Lin District
Phone: 0351 – 6280917 6588018
它是太原市民中最受欢迎的当地餐厅之一,在全市约有10家分店。 这家餐厅以低价的金菜为特色。 谈到用餐时间,餐厅总是充满当地人。 学生,家庭和朋友喜欢聚集在那里休闲的气氛。 最特别的部分是它的菜单设计。 您可以根据菜单上的图片进行订购。
开放时间:9:30 – 21:30
富荣酒家 – 平阳店
电话:0351 – 7330988 7339958
富荣酒家 – 建南店
电话:0351 – 4293018
富荣酒家 – 兴华店
电话:0351 – 6280917 6588018

Qing He Yuan Restaurant
The must-eat snack in Taiyuan is Tou Nao, and the must-go restaurant to eat Tou Nao is Qing He Yuan restaurant, which has a history over 390 years. Not only the name of the restaurant but also the creation of Tou Nao has something to do with the famous ideologist and politician of Shanxi province, master Fu Shan. Living in the transition period of Ming and Qing, Fu Shan firstly made the herb soup according to the Compendium of Materia Medica to cure his sick mother. Later, he imparted the cooking method to a mutton restaurant, and named the soup “Tou Nao”. Besides, “Qing He Yuan” was inscribed to the restaurant by Fu, with four small characters “Tou Nao Za Ge” ahead. It had a deep meaning when connecting these seven characters together. In China’s history, Yuan Dynasty was founded by Mongolia, and Qing Dynasty by Manchu, which were all minorities, carrying out discriminations to Han nation. “Tou Nao Za Ge Qing He Yuan” means cutting off the rulers’ heads of Qing and Yuan. The name of the restaurant was to remind people of persistence of national integrity.
Cuisine: Muslim food
Opening Times: 11:30 – 14:00; 18:30 – 22:00
No.102, South Bingzhou Rd, Xiao Dian District
Phone: 0351- 7180929
太原必吃的零食是头脑,吃头脑的必去餐厅就是有着390多年历史的清河源餐厅。不仅餐厅的名称,而且头脑的创作都与山西省着名思想家,政治家傅山有关。生活在明清的过渡时期,傅山首先根据“本草纲目”制作了草药汤,治病母。后来,他把烹调方法传给了一家羊肉餐厅,并命名为“头脑”汤。另外,“清河源”被傅先生刻在餐厅里,前面有四个小头“头脑锯齿”。把这七个字连在一起时有很深的意义。在中国的历史上,元朝是蒙古人创立的,满族清朝是少数民族,对汉族进行歧视。 “头脑杂题清和院”是指切断清朝统治者的首领。餐厅的名字是提醒人们坚持民族诚信。
开放时间:11:30 – 14:00; 18:30 – 22:00