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Taiyuan Attractions – Taiyuan Sightseeing List

Taiyuan is an ancient city with long history, which left Taiyuan lots of tourism resources. Taiyuan is becoming a hot tourist destination in China recently. There are 5 national cultural relic protection spots and 17 provincial protection units. Taiyuan has several famous attractions in including Shanxi Museum which exhibits historical relics, Jinci Temple, Twin Pagoda Temple, Mt. Wutai, Fen River Park, ect.
Rich tourism resources and cultural relics are rare to see with the high-quality concentration of mountains, caves, monasteries, temples, lakes, forests, hot springs, canyons, rivers, ancient architecture, ancient ruins, former residences of celebrities, historical and cultural memorial places, museums.
Taiyuan is also known for its shopping district and the construction of parks and recreational areas that are praised by the UN Environmental Program for their role in the improvement of the environmental condition. Taiyuan’s environmental improvement project has been copied in many other cities of China.