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Bernie Stern

Bernie Stern



Bernie Stern has been working in the industry since 2006. In the VFX world, Stern worked on a slew of big budget projects, from HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE (where he was honored for his contribution to the winning of a Primetime Emmy) to LIFE OF PI, and most recently as the VFX Producer on the features, HEIST and PRECIOUS CARGO for Lionsgate / Emmett Furla / Grindstone / Oasis.
In 2015, Stern joined the Talent Manager’s Association, and currently reps a strong roster of talented artists, actors, directors, and writers.
As a producer, Stern has created various web / TV content such as THE KILL CORPORATION (with over a million series-wide views) and branded media for VERIZON, WALMART and TRULIA. In 2014, Stern’s feature, THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE, enjoyed a limited theatrical run at The Arena Theater in Hollywood and now has VOD distribution on Hulu and Amazon Prime. In 2015, Stern produced HUNKY DORY, which premiered at SLAMDANCE 2016, taking home a Special Jury Prize, and then going on to win Best Narrative Feature at Atlanta FF, Best LGBT Film & Audience Awards at Nashville FF and a handful of Best Actor awards at various other fests around the country; He also produced Darin Scott’s latest feature offering, THE HOUSEKEEPER’S REVENGE, which aired on Lifetime. In 2016, Stern produced Dan Mirvish’s (BETWEEN US, OMAHA) 4th film, BERNARD & HUEY, written by Oscar winner, Jules Feiffer, and starring Oscar winner, Jim Rash, David Koechner, and Mae Whitman, which premiered at the Oldenburg Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize at Guam International Film Festival. Stern is currently in production on HIPSTERS, GANGSTERS, ALIENS AND GEEKS with award winning director, Richard Elfman starring French Stewart, Verne Troyer and George Wendt to name a few.
Bernie Stern从2006年开始一直在这个行业工作。在VFX的世界里,Stern从HBO的BOARDWALK EMPIRE(他为获得黄金时段艾美奖而被授予荣誉)到PI ,最近还担任视觉特效制作人,为狮门影业公司/ Emmett Furla / Grindstone / Oasis设计的HEIST和PRECIOUS CARGO。
作为制片人,斯特恩创造了各种网络/电视内容,如THE KILL CORPORATION(拥有超过100万系列的观点)和VERIZON,WALMART和TRULIA的品牌媒体。在2014年,斯特恩的“我的生命中最糟糕的一年”特辑在好莱坞竞技场剧院享受了有限的戏剧表演,现在在Hulu和Amazon Prime上有VOD发行。 2015年,斯特恩制作了“HUNKY DORY”,在SLAMDANCE 2016上首映,获得特别评委会奖,并在亚特兰大FF,Nashville FF最佳LGBT电影与观众奖,最佳男演员奖在全国各地的其他各种节日;他还制作了Darin Scott的最新专辑“THE HOUSEKEEPER’S REVENGE”。 2016年,斯特恩制作了由奥斯卡得主Jules Feiffer主演的丹·米尔维什(BETWEEN US OMAHA)第四部电影“BERNARD&HUEY”,并在奥尔登堡电影节上首映的奥斯卡得主吉姆·拉什,大卫·柯克纳和梅·惠特曼并在关岛国际电影节获得大评委奖。斯特恩目前正在生产HIPSTERS,GANGSTERS,ALIENS和GEEKS,还有获奖导演,法国人斯图尔特主演的理查德·埃尔夫曼(Richard Elfman),凡尔纳·特罗耶(Verne Troyer)和乔治·温特(George Wendt)等等。